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Biodiversity Conservation Organization (BIOCOOR) has been created mainly by young people dedicated to act and to advocate for biodiversity conservation, ecotourism promotion, community health, environmental management, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. The BIOCOOR headquarters is in Nyamagabe district of the Southern Province of Rwanda. The organization's geographical focus is five districts near the Nyungwe National Park. It integrates conservation projects and sustainable economic development for the communities surrounding Nyungwe National Park. The organization has started in 2012 as a social enterprise called BIOCOOP and recently in June 2020 has shifted to a local NGO current BIOCOOR but keeping the same focus. Its mission is to build a nation that is environmentally and socio-economically stable through its resources and skills. Following the call for proposal sent out by JOA in 2019, Trócaire has identified Biodiversity Conservation Organization (BIOCOOR) previously named BIOCOOR as one of the potential and strategic Civil Society Organisations to partner with for the implementation of the project entitled “Community led planning and management for biodiversity protection and resilient communities in Southern Rwanda” with a focus on 3 sectors around the Nyungwe National Park. Apart from BIOCOOR, two other partners namely ICRAF and UNICOOPAGI have been identified for the same project.

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We are trying to achieve what we can, and we made some steps in the project, but you can contribute. Conservation and biodiversity is one of the african industry which can provide many jobs and changes life of African but it still behind, as BIOCOOR Rwanda we want to make change in conservation industry.

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